Province Announces Increased Fine Amounts for Non Compliance with Health Orders for Individuals & Businesses

Today Premier Pallister announced that fine amounts have increased for both individuals and businesses that do not comply with emergency health orders. He also announced increased measures to enforce the orders, including soon allowing municipal by-law officers to be able to enforce and fine under the orders. The news release states, in part, “Amendments have […]


Our industry needs help now. Download pre-made post images and learn more on how to help us on social media with our current efforts to get Manitoba restaurants provincial aid here: Please join us in sharing your story on social media as a member, industry professional – whether you are an owner, operator, or […]

View Current Health Orders Effective October 19th for Winnipeg Metro Region

Please click this link to view the current Health Orders:   These Orders do no mandate the closure of Beverage Rooms as the Province originally announced they would, and Entertainment Facilities may remain open for food take out and delivery. While we are happy to see these small concessions, the MRFA will continue to […]

#saveMBrestaurants: Entertainment Facilities & Beverage Rooms Denied Temporary Licensing, Restaurants Need Help Now

EDIT: THIS POST WAS MADE BEFORE THE ORDERS WERE OFFICIALLY PUBLISHED, AT WHICH POINT THE PROVINCE DECIDED NOT TO CLOSE BEVERAGE ROOMS. Effective today, beverage rooms & entertainment facilities in the Winnipeg Metro region must close for two weeks, as per the further additional restrictions placed upon our industry that also mandate restaurants and lounges […]

Winnipeg Restaurants Hit with Additional Restrictions

Today, Manitoba announced additional restrictions on many industries within the Winnipeg region, including restaurants. Effective Monday, October 19th, 2020, gathering sizes are reduced to 5, restaurant capacity is reduced to 50%, beverage rooms, casinos, and entertainment facilities will be closed, and these measures will be in place for a minimum of two weeks. Shaun Jeffrey, […]

Federal Government Announces New & Extended Supports for Businesses during Pandemic

On October 9, 2020, the Canadian federal government announced further supports for businesses struggling during the pandemic. These supports include: a new Canadian Emergency Rent Subsidy, to replace the previous program which placed the burden upon landlords. This new program will provide subsidy directly to tenants. a top up for the above CERS for especially […]

City of Winnipeg Extends Temporary Patios for Winter

The City of Winnipeg has extended temporary patios for winter, beginning October 13, 2020. Fees for temporary patios are waived. For more information on regulations, permits, etc., visit The MRFA recognizes that while this measure is helpful for some restaurants wishing to extend their capacity and we thank the City, we will continue to […]

Health Orders for Licensed Restaurants In Winnipeg Metro Region during Level Orange Released

Click here to view the official Health Orders for the Capitol Region effective at 6pm on October 7, 2020. Please be aware that contrary to notes released on the Province’s official website previously, two new restrictions have been added to these Orders which were not previously listed: noise levels must not exceed 80 decibels mandatory […]

Supporting Documents Released by Province for Additional Restrictions for Restaurants in Winnipeg Metro Region During Level Orange

The Province has provided us and other organizations in the hospitality industry with four documents meant to help restaurants navigate the new additional restrictions which go into effect today at 6pm. These orders affect licensed restaurants in the Winnipeg metro region under level Orange. Please click the links below to view the documents: 1. Q&A […]

Province Announces Additional Restrictions for Restaurant Industry: Mandatory Contact Tracing & Curfew In Place for Winnipeg Region During Level Orange

Today the Province announced additional restrictions for the restaurant industry. The MRFA would like to note that we were not in favor of any restrictions which further limited business for our members or the industry and made this clear during consultation with the Province. The following is from their COVID Bulletin from today: After consultation […]