Province Requests Feedback on re: Loosening Restrictions to Level Orange

The Manitoba government is seeking feedback from Manitobans on plans to move to the ‘restricted’ (orange) level on the Pandemic Response System and continue to restore safely services and activities while balancing the needs of the health-care system, Premier Brian Pallister and Dr. Brent Roussin, Manitoba’s chief provincial public health officer, announced today. “I want […]

Printable Posters and Tent Cards from Province for Informing Patrons of Household Only Rules

The Province has provided printable posters, signage, and tent cards which can help restaurants keep their patrons informed about current health restrictions, including the household-only seating rules for indoor dining. To view and print these materials, visit

March 13th Health Orders Posted

The updated health orders which allow outdoor dining on patios at restaurants and licensed premises for groups up to six people from different households has been posted. To view the health orders, visit

Patios No Longer Required to Seat Household-only Up to Six People Effective Tomorrow

The MRFA is pleased to see that the Province has heeded our calls for the removal of the household-only dining restrictions, at least in a partial capacity in regards to patios. The Manitoba government is making two amendments to the public health orders currently in effect until March 25, Dr. Brent Roussin, Manitoba’s chief provincial […]

Temporary patios have been extended- with a cost. ⁠

Join us in our support of Councillor Scott Gillingham’s plan to put forward a motion to waive the temporary patio fee for restaurants across Winnipeg, to allow for more seating for dine in, and to be better able to support our local restaurants. Last year, temporary patio applications and permits were free in Winnipeg. This […]

City of Winnipeg Extends Temporary Patios; Applications Now Being Accepted

The MRFA is happy to see that the City of Winnipeg has extended its temporary patio options for summer 2021 (April 1 – October 31, 2021). Applications for summer temporary patios opened on March 1, 2021. Previous approvals for winter temporary patios will expire on March 31, 2021, and do not carry forward. To learn […]

Information about Federal Government’s Canada Small Business Financing Program

On behalf of the federal government, we are happy to share this information for our members and the industry in general, for any businesses who may find it useful.   Need financing?  The Canada Small Business Financing Program makes it easier for small businesses to get loans from financial institutions by sharing the risk with lenders.  Up […]

Manitoba Health Provides Example of Declaration Signature for Household Only Rule on Their Sample Contact Tracing Form

In an email sent to all restaurants, lounges, and bars under Manitoba Health’s purview this morning, an example was provided of how to collect signatures for declarations of patrons being from the same residence for the household-only rule under the current restrictions (as per sections 6(3) and 7(3) of the orders). The example was included […]

March 5th Health Orders Posted

The Province has posted the updated health orders which go into effect March 5th.   In line with previous announcements, restaurants and licensed establishments are allowed to operate at 50% capacity, VLTs may once again be operated with other social distancing restrictions in place, and household-only seating remains.   PLEASE NOTE: sections 6(3) and 7(3) […]

Restaurants: Join us in Telling the Government & Manitoba Health how Mandatory IDing of Patrons Hurts our Industry

We have heard the feedback and concerns from our members and the industry as a whole and know the recent issues surrounding IDing patrons for the household-only seating rules has caused many issues. Please join us in sending a letter to our elected officials on this matter to help find a solution. To learn more, […]