CONTRIBUTOR POST: Sculpture Hospitality’s Cash Flow is Vital to Reducing Dead Stock

SUBMITTED BY ASSOCIATE MEMBER FRANK VANDERKOON OF SCULPTURE HOSPITALITY   (excerpt) I don’t claim to have all the answers but as someone who has spent my entire life working within the hospitality industry I certainly do have insights into some areas of your business, particularly around stock control, where you can make immediate changes that […]

CONTRIBUTOR POST: Sculpture Hospitality’s Webinars for Restaurants During COVID-19

Contributed by Associate member Frank Van der Koon and Sculpture Hospitality   Check out Sculpture Hospitality’s recorded webinar’s on a variety of topics which are relevant to restaurateurs during this crisis:

CONTRIBUTOR POST: Sculpture Hospitality’s How to Protect Your Kegs and Other Closing Tips during COVID-19

SUBMITTED BY MRFA ASSOCIATE MEMBER FRANK VAN DER KOON AND SCULPTURE HOSPITALITY. Sculpture Hospitality has produced a guide with recommendations on how to protect your kegs and draft system during a time when many establishments are closing . Please visit, and Submitted by: Frank VanDerKroon Regional Director of MB/NW Ontario/Netherlands & Franchisee of […]

CONTRIBUTOR POST: Jani King Guide to Social Distancing, Self-Isolation, and Flattening the Curve

SUBMITTED BY MRFA ASSOCIATE MEMBER WILLIAM COLE AND JANI KING.   Social distancing. Self-isolation. Flattening the curve. These terms are being mentioned a lot in the media. Educating yourself on what they mean is vital for your health and the health of others. With so much information available, it can be difficult to know what […]

CONTRIBUTER POST: Federated Insurance Guide and Resources for Businesses

SUBMITTED TO THE MRFA BY ASSOCIATE MEMBER WAYNE BUDGE AND FEDERATED INSURANCE The spread of COVID-19 is impacting Canadian businesses of all sizes. At Federated Insurance, we’re here to help you and your members during this difficult time. We know that businesses face many challenges during a crisis and understanding insurance coverage may be a […]