Letter from Executive Director Shaun Jeffrey in March Newsletter

Hello Friends, Now that the one year anniversary of pandemic has come and gone, we look at our valued members and can note the monumental changes that our industry made in 2020 to ensure its survival. At the MRFA we also recognized that moving out of the pandemic will require some significant changes with a […]

Temporary patios have been extended- with a cost. ⁠

Join us in our support of Councillor Scott Gillingham’s plan to put forward a motion to waive the temporary patio fee for restaurants across Winnipeg, to allow for more seating for dine in, and to be better able to support our local restaurants. Last year, temporary patio applications and permits were free in Winnipeg. This […]

Restaurants: Join us in Telling the Government & Manitoba Health how Mandatory IDing of Patrons Hurts our Industry

We have heard the feedback and concerns from our members and the industry as a whole and know the recent issues surrounding IDing patrons for the household-only seating rules has caused many issues. Please join us in sending a letter to our elected officials on this matter to help find a solution. To learn more, […]

Letter from Executive Director Shaun Jeffrey in February Newsletter

Hello Friends.   As we move closer and closer to the one-year anniversary of Covid-19 in our province, I have to reflect on the past year and how its events have not only changed us as an industry, but also wonder what the most significant change has been for the positive.   ‘Positive’ is not […]

Letter from Executive Director Shaun Jeffrey in January Newsletter

Dear Members,   As we move into a new year with new challenges and hopefully towards a new normal, we look over the past year and what monumental challenges we had to face, sacrifices we had to make and how we handled this adversity.   A key performance indicator at the MRFA has been our […]

Letter from Executive Director Shaun Jeffrey in December Newsletter

Dear Members,   I want to start off by wishing everyone a happy New Year as we move towards a 2021 that will bring a new sense of acceptance in the way we value success, passion and vision.   In a year that tested our survival and pushed most of you to limits that you […]

Letter from Executive Director Shaun Jeffrey in November Newsletter

Dear members, As we inch closer to the holiday season, we know that this year will be like no other. Instead of wishing for those fuzzy socks or the latest new gadget, many of you will be looking to reassemble your businesses and find a new way forward while you wonder what our industry will […]

From the Heart of Executive Director Shaun Jeffrey – from October LocalFare Newsletter

Dear members, Adversity is defined as a state or instance of continued difficulty or misfortune. As we enter month eight of Covid-19m our members’ resiliency continues to be tested with consistent restrictions on the way we have operated our businesses in the past and questions on your viability for the future. I hear daily from […]


Our industry needs help now. Download pre-made post images and learn more on how to help us on social media with our current efforts to get Manitoba restaurants provincial aid here: https://mailchi.mp/11ee951c742f/savembrestaurants-templates Please join us in sharing your story on social media as a member, industry professional – whether you are an owner, operator, or […]

IN THE MEDIA: Your MRFA Team, Board & Members In The News

We’re always working hard on behalf of our members and the industry to spread the word on what’s going on in Manitoba restaurants. Check out the links below to learn more (this page will be updated regularly). MRFA in the media: Global News: Silver Heights restaurant ‘blacklisted’ after Manitoba health officials report – Mar 19, […]