PLEASE NOTE: The Health Orders introduced in Phase Three are still applicable under Phase Four for restaurants/food service establishments, as these orders were not updated under Phase Four’s Health Orders. This document is still current. To view a list of all Health Orders, visit


We have received lots of feedback recently from members and non-members alike about the guidelines for Phase Three.

We believe this confusion stems partially from the various sources where the guidelines can be viewed, where slight changes in wording from website or press releases vary and cause misunderstandings.

To see the official orders for clarification, visit
Orders pertaining to food service can be found beginning on page 5 of the Order document.
Orders pertaining to gatherings and events can be found beginning on page 3 of the Order document.

As always, we encourage you to reach out with any questions or concerns at or 204-783-9955.
Manitoba Health also encourages food service operators to reach out their Health Inspectors with questions.