Engineers Mehroz, Cody & Trevor Help Restaurants and Facilities with Implementing Social Distancing Measures

We (Mehroz, Cody & Trevor) work to alleviate stress from the minds of restaurant owners as we successfully implement the social distancing measures in their restaurants. We follow the guidelines of the Government of Manitoba’s Phase 2 – Restoring Safe Services to provide a quality and timely solution for your restaurant.

Our solution includes a report, and a Computer Aided Drawing (CAD) of your restaurant with recommended social distancing measures. The report and the drawing not only helps the owner/operator, but it also helps the provincial health, liquor, and other authorities understand our recommended measures that the restaurants implement. Our work allows the restaurants to potentially avoid heavy fines for accidentally deviating from the social distancing guidelines.

Fee Structure:
We are offering the members of the MRFA an exclusive 50% discount by charging them a flat fee of $150+taxes for a single restaurant. This includes; Computer Aided Drawing of the restaurant’s dining areas (dining hall and lounge), and a detailed report of our recommended measures. Recommendations for each of the following will be for an additional $50+taxes each: patio, kitchen, and staff area.

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Mehroz, Cody & Trevor
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