Dear members,

Adversity is defined as a state or instance of continued difficulty or misfortune. As we enter month eight of Covid-19m our members’ resiliency continues to be tested with consistent restrictions on the way we have operated our businesses in the past and questions on your viability for the future.

I hear daily from our members about the challenges that you are facing and our premier focus at the MRFA has been to voice these concerns to all levels of government in anticipation they will come to the table with industry specific programs to ensure our operators will survive these unprecedented times.

To be honest with you, when I joined the MRFA in 2018, I would have never have envisioned a time when I wouldn’t be able to go to Hermanos for my birthday dinner, Mon Ami Louis for my anniversary, or any restaurant with my five kids to celebrate the life of my grandmother who passed away this month. As our industry operators continue to balance life and the tough decisions they face daily with constant additional detrimental restrictions, I’ve asked myself over and over again, “have we done enough to represent our membership? What else can we do to make a difference?”

The answer is simple: do more, fight more, and demand results. I believe the phrase is, “not on my watch…”

This is why we started the #saveMBrestaurants so that everyone who has been effected by Covid-19 in our industry has a platform to share their challenges and ensure they are heard and now we need you, our valued industry partners, to share this message with everyone you can.

In Roadhouse, one of my favorite movies, the late Patrick Swayze said, “We need to be nice until it’s time to not be nice.”

It’s time.