Since the most recent iteration of health orders, we have heard much debate and confusion on the issue of IDing patrons in food service establishments to confirm they are from the same household before seating them.

Based upon recent conversations with Manitoba Health, the LGCA, and multiple member operators, the MRFA is providing the following information:

  1. Sections 7(3) and 8(3) of the current health orders state that restaurants and licensed premises “must take reasonable measures to ensure that all persons seated at a table in the [restaurant/licensed premises] reside in the same residence, such as requiring persons to present identification that shows their address.”
  2. Although the health orders outlined above do not specifically state that restaurants and licensed premises must ID patrons to satisfy that they have taken reasonable measures to ensure a group of patrons are from the same household, both Manitoba Health and the LGCA have confirmed that inspectors will very likely be asking operators to ID all patrons or risk being ticketed.
  3. The MRFA has made clear to both government contacts and news media that this measure not only causes conflict for food service operators and our patrons, and that there are many cases where IDing is either impossible or unlikely to prove same household circumstances, but also that our industry is against this measure in general. We will continue to advocate for reasonable safety measures and supports for the food service industry as the pandemic progresses.