Hello Members & Friends,

How does one begin to reflect on the past 12 months? Many of us ended 2020 with – at the very least – the promise of a new year reflecting the shift in the way we all view the future of the food service industry. Most of us have likely not yet fully internalized what has transpired in the past 13 months and what it will mean for the year – and years – ahead.

What the current situation has certainly highlighted is the importance of community. Even as restrictions on our industry continue to prevent most of us from getting together to reflect on such a monumental part of our lives with each other, let alone our broader communities, we have found ways to stay connected. For most of us that has meant mastering at least one (or many!) videoconferencing platforms. And although “Zoom fatigue” has become a modern-day phenomenon, the opportunities these platforms and virtual gatherings offer for connectivity with our members, board and each other has given some sort of connectional normality.

As the vaccine flows, and the sun starts to heat up those patio chairs and tables, we do see that light at the end of the tunnel starting to get bigger and bigger, just in time as Covid fatigue is no more apparent than in every one one of our dining rooms and lounges.

Let’s not forget the operations who didn’t survive; I don’t and I hope we can grace your operations once again in the future.


Shaun Jeffrey,

Executive Director & CEO