Hello Friends.

This is a time like no other in our lives. The COVID-19 pandemic continues to produce uncertainty, stress and trauma in our industry.

By now, we have all been impacted by this virus, which has been devastating for so many of us. Despite the challenges we are all facing every day, this is also a time that is bringing out the best in many people—from the healthcare staff and first responders fighting Covid-19 in our hospitals to our operators who continue to provide food, products and services in a pivoted direction. On behalf of everyone at the MRFA, we are incredibly thankful to all of you serving and caring for those in need. We are proud to play a critical role in this fight by partnering with you and supporting you whether it’s the latest phase of support of the Dine-In Restaurant Relief Program or our advocating for the additional funds you desperately needed in the latest round of the Bridge Grant.

It is our goal at the MRFA to start and end every day looking for and implementing innovating ways to support the restaurant industry in Manitoba and reopen our doors once again. We have made huge strides towards these goals, but unfortunately, we are in the same position as so many of you. Demand is continuing to exceed every expectation, and we haven’t yet been able to fulfill our goal completely. This has been compounded by the latest round of extended restrictions that continue to stress our industry.

Like everyone reading this, this is a personal fight for me and my team and rest assured, we won’t stop until we are able provide what everyone needs. Open doors, a smiling face and some food and drink to soothe 15 months of heartache. 


Shaun Jeffrey,

Executive Director and CEO.