Dear Members,


I want to start off by wishing everyone a happy New Year as we move towards a 2021 that will bring a new sense of acceptance in the way we value success, passion and vision.


In a year that tested our survival and pushed most of you to limits that you would have never imagined I would prefer to review 2020 in the light of what we all accomplished compared to the monumental losses most of you experienced.


In short, I would like to create my 2020 thank you list.


To all our front-line workers who put their own lives at risk to care for all of our loved ones: thank you


To all the restaurateurs adapted their business to provide services that we would have never imagined and help our fellow Manitobans get the vital supplies they needed in a time when their health was at risk: thank you.


To all the partner association leaders who stood hand-in-hand with the MRFA and pushed our elected leaders to do the right thing and keep our industry operations viable as we moved through stormy waters: thank you.


To our board of directors who continually put their own business on the back burner to put the plight of our industry ahead of their own operations: thank you.


Last but not least, to our members who time and time again came to the table in support of our association despite the challenges they face every day in this new normal: we all thank you.


Patience is a virtue, but passion is a roadmap to success.


Shaun Jeffrey,
Executive Director.