Hello Friends.


As we move closer and closer to the one-year anniversary of Covid-19 in our province, I have to reflect on the past year and how its events have not only changed us as an industry, but also wonder what the most significant change has been for the positive.


‘Positive’ is not a word that has often been used during these stressful and trying times, but as the voice of the restaurant industry, I have always felt that the MRFA needs to strive to bring out the best in every one of our members by seeing the sunrise over the horizon instead of focusing on the sunset.


When I think of the word ‘positive’, I think of partnerships.


When I reflect on the past 12 months and look to future, I must make note of the significant impacts we have been able to accomplish due to the collaborative partnerships created with so many others that are in the same boat as us – if they aren’t in the boat as us, they are at least weathering the same storm alongside us – bailing out gallons of water with a coffee cup that is far too small.


Due to these powerful partnerships, we have been able to create programs that provided millions of dollars of financial aid to many businesses in our industry, heightened awareness of our industry’s future viability, and bring some very powerful voices to the table, all with a common goal of ensuring the survival of our industry for the future.


What we have been able to accomplish in the past and can continue to accomplish now and in the future depends on a “one strong voice” mentality and the passion that I have witnessed by operators, fellow business groups and some government champions. Continuing this passionate mentality is so integral for our future.


Roadblocks have been many, the potholes are deeper than ever, but we have pretty large tires on the MRFA truck and all who stand in the way of our future success best get out of the way, this train is moving forward… and spring in almost here.


Cheers. The first patio-weather drink is on me.


Shaun Jeffrey
Executive Director