Dear Members,


As we move into a new year with new challenges and hopefully towards a new normal, we look over the past year and what monumental challenges we had to face, sacrifices we had to make and how we handled this adversity.


A key performance indicator at the MRFA has been our ability to recognize the needs of our industry and translate these into action items to keep our members both educated and supported during a time when uncertainty is the top enemy of our success.


We were proud to work with our partners at the Manitoba Chamber of Commerce to secure $5 million in guaranteed sector specific funding in January to assist our dine-in members who have been among the hardest hit by the restrictions imposed to keep Manitobans safe. As the administrator of this first-of-its-kind delivery fee rebate subsidy in Canada, we thank both our partners at the Manitoba Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development Winnipeg for the recognition of our industry’s sacrifice during this latest round of restrictions and their translation of that into a one-of-a-kind subsidy that targets a cost that has been so significant during the pandemic.


A “drop in the bucket” is a term I have used so many times during this pandemic to describe the various support programs that we have been able to utilize, but we continue to stay strong and positioned to add drop after drop to that bucket until we can resume our operations.


It maybe cold outside, but the fire under the MRFA has never been hotter and together we can move forward to our reinvention as the most thriving restaurant scene in Canada. Cheers to you all.


Shaun Jeffrey,

Executive Director.