Dear members and non-member food service industry professionals,


So many of you during this tough time have asked me to elaborate on what a new normal will look like and how will we survive. The answer is… well, there is no answer.


These are unprecedented times and the future is unclear, especially when it’s guided by others who look to gain voter confidence over business survival. Earlier this month I asked you all to make your voice heard, and you all came to the table with a strong, measured and powerful vision communicated to our elected officials. We cannot slow down this vision and the communication of it to all the elected officials who look to sweep our industry’s concerns under the rug.


There has never been a better time to reach out your MLA, Councillor or any other elected official to communicate your challenges, your fears and how they can support us. The reality of this tough time is that it’s going to take a village to persuade our elected officials to do what’s best for the long-term viability of our industry in Manitoba.


I would like to welcome Ann Topp to the MRFA Board of Directors. During this time Ann has proven to be a superior resource and a loud voice when we needed it the most.


As we move into month five of Covid-19 we continue weekly, daily, and hourly to foster new and existing policy changes that allow for the future success of all your business. Big voices cause big change, and together we will come out of this pandemic on a new road to prosperity.




Shaun Jeffrey.