Hello Friends,

Now that the one year anniversary of pandemic has come and gone, we look at our valued members and can note the monumental changes that our industry made in 2020 to ensure its survival.

At the MRFA we also recognized that moving out of the pandemic will require some significant changes with a more focused approach to membership in the future.

In order to ensure our future is focused and results-based, you’ll be seeing some significant changes within the organization in 2021 and beyond. To help achieve our goals, we’ve created the addition of a new position with its sole focus being ensuring our members – both associate and restaurant – are represented in a manner that is conducive to the most expedited recovery possible.

As our new membership coordinator, Julie Sigurdson, will be spearheading communication with our members. Her sole focus is ensuring real-time communication and feedback are acted upon with urgency by your MRFA team.

Our recent purchase of the letsorder.delivey website is another example of how our team is moving towards a most time sensitive recovery, allowing this great resource to be maximized with the intention of aiding in membership recovery.

Whether it’s providing this valued website, aiding in providing you free masks or advocating on your behalf to get additional resources, we continue to strive to reach goals that result in your future success.

Only in Manitoba will you see our industry’s patrons enjoying local fare on patios in temperatures that would make other provinces wince. That’s just another reason why we will come out of this stronger than ever.

Got to get my jacket, meeting a friend for dinner.


Shaun Jeffrey,

Executive Director.