Dear members,

As we inch closer to the holiday season, we know that this year will be like no other. Instead of wishing for those fuzzy socks or the latest new gadget, many of you will be looking to reassemble your businesses and find a new way forward while you wonder what our industry will look like in 2021.

I know the million-dollar question has been and will continue to be “when can we get back to normal?” The answer is simple; when we can work together to flatten that ever-growing curve that continues to grow despite the monumental sacrifices you have all made to do your part in this process. Now we anxiously wait for the government to come to the table with a plan that can allow for some semblance of normalcy as we transition towards future viability.

The recent announcement of the Manitoba Bridge Grant, although a positive step, represents a very small light at the end of a very long tunnel and we continue to work every day to urge government to create sustainable and realistic future programs to allow our members both small and large to adapt in what we can expect to be a long recovery period. Our seat at the table has been occupied for eight months and we know that our message will continue to guide our elected leaders to make the right decision in keeping our diverse industry thriving for future generations to enjoy.

I want to thank our board of directors for continually putting aside their own businesses to dedicate time towards getting our goals achieved. We have made our voice known both with government and on social media. We have a long cold road ahead of us, but together we can get the assistance we need, the message we want and the results we deserve.

Shaun Jeffrey,
Executive Director