Dear MRFA members, non-members and food service industry professionals,

I am writing, not to add yet another COVID-19 update to your inbox, but to address several points regarding the implications of the pandemic on the restaurant profession. I would like to reassure you that we understand the profound effects it has had – and will continue to have – on everyone.

The level of uncertainty is high. This crisis presents challenges for members and all those in the food service profession, as well as our families, clients, colleagues, and communities. The impacts are far-reaching, affecting us socially, mentally, and financially. We continue to face this pandemic collectively, and we must all do our best to respond to this crisis in a manner that is prudent and compassionate.

Feedback from our membership.

I, as well as MRFA staff, have received communication regarding COVID-19 – various ideas, concerns, and recommendations regarding how the profession should respond, and what role the MRFA should play. Before I touch on that feedback, I’d like to note that confidence in the responsible and prudent reopening strategy will result in the best possible scenario for the continued viability of the food service industry in Manitoba.

As the primary contact with the Provincial government for this re-opening process, we continue to collaborate with our elected officials to expedite this process with the utmost urgency while remaining diligent towards a successful re-opening of the food service industry.

Recently we were honored to represent Manitoba on a Federal Finance Steering Committee in which we advocated for subsidy programs for 3rd party delivery fees, changes to the CRA tax benefit for business meals and a federal subsidy for the monumental changes that will be required to ensure proper social distancing in your operations.

Our Vision is forward, and we strive to get there.

Shaun Jeffrey,
Executive Director, MRFA.