Dear members and non-member food service industry professionals,


As Covid-19 has changed the demographic of the food service industry forever, we ask ourselves, ‘what will a fun night out with family and friends will look like in the future?’


These are unprecedented times and the future is unclear when it comes to our staff, operators and our valued guests, but nothing will replace the feeling that a casual evening at one of Manitoba’s unique restaurants can provide. As our tireless operators push forward to a time when we can find that special balance between a viable operation and a feeling of success within their operations, your team at the MRFA is working tirelessly to engage the necessary resources to make this possible for the short and long term.


I would like to thank our board of directors under the fearless leadership of Tony Siwicki for continuing to provide unwavering support and guidance in a time where Covid-19 has made the day-to-day operations so troubling, and they continue to put it on the line every day.


Together we can accomplish so much more, so the MRFA will be publicly posting all Government requests effective early August so that all MRFA members will be able access these requests in PDF format to view and share with their local MLA. Please visit our website for access to these documents.


It’s with sadness that I announce the departure of Jamie Campbell and Alex Goertzen from our board of directors after years of valued service and guidance. I personally want to thank both Alex and Jamie for their commitment to our industries success.


Our struggles are the short term lessons we learn to achieve long term success.

-Simon Sinek


Shaun Jeffrey,
Executive Director