Dear members, non-members and food service industry professionals,

Our industry is facing a difficult situation right now, and the tough decisions governments are being forced to make have shifted the focus from public health and safety to a question of livelihood for many businesses and individuals. There is no question that this is stressful, but it’s important to remember that this isn’t just about us — the entire world is facing this pandemic together.

I want you to know that we are moving forward in this time of uncertainty with a strategy of preparedness, action and togetherness — as an association and an industry. Since the beginning, we’ve taken steps to keep our members and industry networks informed through trusted sources.

Even with all our standard preparations in place and quick adjustments, the fact remains that this is a complex and unprecedented event, which means that our path through it will be unpredictable. As your voice we are only as strong as your feedback and involvement. Standing together we continue to see leaders in our industry adapt, and innovate with how we plan to tackle these challenges on a day to day basis. As we move forward we look to each other to foster industry innovation in order to come out with our heads held high. As your Executive Director I have never been more driven to lead you through this industry changing time and be rest assured I will not quit until we come out on top.


Shaun Jeffrey

Executive Director

Manitoba Restaurant & Foodservices Association

[email protected]