Today Premier Pallister announced that fine amounts have increased for both individuals and businesses that do not comply with emergency health orders. He also announced increased measures to enforce the orders, including soon allowing municipal by-law officers to be able to enforce and fine under the orders.

The news release states, in part, “Amendments have been made to the Preset Fines and Offence Descriptions Regulation that establish new fine amounts for failure to comply with public health and emergency orders. For individuals, the fine was previously $486 and will now rise to $1,296. This will be the second highest such fine level in Canada. For corporations, the fine was previously $2,542 and will now rise to $5,000.

In addition to higher fines, the Manitoba government will continue to increase enforcement of the public health orders across the province. Agencies with the authority to enforce these orders include the RCMP and other police agencies, the Health Protection Unit, Manitoba Conservation and Climate, Workplace Safety and Health, and the Liquor, Gaming and Cannabis Authority.

The Manitoba government is also working to amend existing provincial regulations to enable municipal bylaw enforcement officers to enforce public health and emergency orders.”

The MRFA is pleased to see the public being held accountable by the Province as we have consistently stated that the majority of restaurants are operating within compliance of the health orders and that the public should be just as diligent as our industry is at maintaining the safety of Manitobans.

The MRFA continues to encourage all operators within our industry to comply with emergency health orders to avoid fines and to provide safe environments for guests. While we do not always agree with the restrictions placed upon our industry, we will continue to advocate for fair restrictions and support in the form of financial aid for our industry and we do not endorse non-compliance with health orders.

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