Today, the Province expanded eligibility for residents and some workers (including restaurant workers) in the communities of Brandon East End, Inkster West and Fort Garry South in Winnipeg, and Powerview-Pine Falls.

Manitobans aged 18+ in specific communities are eligible if:

  • they live in the specific community,
  • they work at one of the following in those communities:
    • k-12 schools,
    • child care providers,
    • food processing facilities,
    • grocery or convenience store,
    • gas station,
    • public health inspector or workplace safety and health officer, or
    • anywhere that serves food (e.g. restaurants or food banks).

As of right now, the eligible communities for vaccination under this criteria are:

Current health regions with eligible communities:

Prairie Mountain Health

  • Brandon East End – NEW
  • Brandon Downtown

Winnipeg Regional Health Authority

  • Inkster West – NEW
  • Fort Garry South – NEW
  • Point Douglas North
  • Downtown West
  • Downtown East
  • Inkster East
  • Point Douglas South
  • Seven Oaks West

Interlake-Eastern Regional Health Authority

  • Powerview-Pine Falls – NEW

Northern Regional Health Authority

  • anyone who lives or works in the region, including Churchill
  • this includes all workplaces, not only the specified ones for regions listed above.

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