Since the beginning of restrictions requiring proof of vaccination to allow certain seating within restaurants, our members have reported confusion on how to determine proof of vaccination from other jurisdictions.

We at the MRFA have been advocating for solutions to this problem.

While this list of examples is not exhaustive and does not eliminate all situations which may cause confusion (this list of samples contains only Canadian jurisdictions and some of these jurisdictions only have paper records, etc.), nor does it provide a permanent solution to the issue at hand (as restrictions may continue to change from region to region as recovery hopefully progresses), it may alleviate some confusion when asking guests from out of province for proof of vaccination status for the time being.

Please visit to view a list of examples of other provincial immunization record samples.

You may also visit for more information on vaccination records.

The MRFA will continue to advocate for reasonable restrictions which will keep our industry viable throughout the recovery and reopening process, and we will post any updates or information as it becomes available.