The official health orders which take effect tomorrow, September 3rd, at 12:01am, have been posted. Here is what our industry needs to know:

  • As previously announced, all restaurants and licensed establishments must restrict access to their business for dine-in, including on patios, to members of the public who produce proof that they are fully vaccinated, or if they are under the age of 12.
  • Members from the public who are not fully vaccinated may enter a restaurant for pick-up/take-out.
  • Members of the public who are not fully vaccinated for a medical reason may attend a restaurant for dine-in if and only if they provide proof of said medical exemption from the Government of Manitoba.
  • To check proof of vaccination, restaurants can download the Manitoba Immunization Verifier application and scan digital or physical vaccination cards of Manitoba residents. Restaurants may wish to confirm the identity of guests by also asking for another form of ID alongside vaccination cards, although this is not stipulated in the orders explicitly. To view alternative forms of vaccination proof from other jurisdictions in Canada, view this blog post.
  • The sections of the health orders which pertain to restaurants are sections 7 and 8, and mask wearing, which is section 27.
  • The previously implemented indoor mask mandate is still in effect in these orders.

To view the official health orders, please visit