Yesterday, Trudeau and the throne speech both reiterated the same points to Canadians, namely that the minority Liberal government planned to:

  • continue the CEWS program in some form until next summer
  • provide federal aid to provinces and territories for healthcare, specifically for Covid-19 testing and care
  • provide as yet unspecified supports for especially hard hit industries
  • create 1 million jobs
  • launch a new fund to attract zero emissions products
  • and focus on areas outside of the economy and pandemic related issues, such as investing in early learning, modernizing policing, penalizing elder neglect, tackling racism and indigenous reconciliation.

At this time, very little detail was added as to how the above promises would be accomplished, and it should be noted that the throne speech must be voted upon by parliament in order for these promises to come to fruition.

Trudeau also urged Canadians to recommit to the fundamentals of limiting close contacts during the pandemic in order to decrease the number of cases of the virus.