Message from The Executive Director Shaun Jeffrey


Dear Members: We Need Your Help to Support the Restaurant Industry


At this time, I feel it is imperative to reach out to our membership about the current draft of Manitoba’s Phase Three in the Roadmap for Recovery guidelines for restaurants and lounges. I know this is a trying time for our industry and while we are moving ahead, it is not at the pace that we feel is acceptable.


The current draft plan for allows us to return to 75% capacity, but with social distancing guidelines still in place it is unlikely that most restaurants will be able to increase their real capacity at all beyond what they are already operating at. We believe that capacity should be raised to 100% as it has been with other businesses for Phase Three, and that modifications for social distancing (such as plexiglass dividers) should be allowed as well.  This is where your help comes in…


We need you to make your voices heard, by reaching out to your MLA’s and provide feedback on about Phase Three, and City Councillors on other issues such as business tax reductions. As the backbone of our economy, we can no longer sit back and be quiet. We need you to voice your concerns to our elected officials on how these current measures deteriorate our industry’s short- and long-term viability.


We are currently drafting a position statement that outlines a reduction of social distancing requirements for our industry and requests the creation of industry specific programs that can assist our operators with the insurmountable costs that the “new normal” has created.


As the voice of the food service industry in Manitoba, we have also strongly advocated for better assistance programs like rent assistance, subsidies for PPE requirements and an expedited return to business for both the roughly 2200 restaurants in Manitoba and its 44,000 employees. We will continue to advocate on these and many other issues, but we cannot achieve the results we know our industry needs alone.


We need everyone to band together to ensure we have a strong, diverse and viable restaurant industry in Manitoba for years to come.


Together we can overcome, alone we will be pushed aside.


Shaun Jeffrey
Executive Director


Visit to view the draft plan for Phase Three.