Today, Manitoba announced additional restrictions on many industries within the Winnipeg region, including restaurants.

Effective Monday, October 19th, 2020, gathering sizes are reduced to 5, restaurant capacity is reduced to 50%, beverage rooms, casinos, and entertainment facilities will be closed, and these measures will be in place for a minimum of two weeks.

Shaun Jeffrey, executive director of the MRFA, said in response to these additional restrictions, “Our industry is being unfairly targeted and we need help now. It’s time for the Province to step up.”

The MRFA will continue to advocate on behalf of our members and industry and demand transparency from the government on their reasoning behind adding these restrictions to our industry when exposures at restaurants in Winnipeg have been at zero since the implementation of the last round of additional restrictions. We will also continue to advocate for more industry specific support from our government at all levels, similar to what we’ve seen in many other provinces.


The following is from Manitoba Provincial Covid Bulletin #222:

With the growing number of cases in the Winnipeg Metropolitan Region, the province is introducing targeted measures under the Restricted (Orange) level of the #RestartMB Pandemic Response System to reduce community spread of the virus by reducing close-prolonged contact  between people.

These measures will come into effect on Monday, Oct. 19, for a minimum of two weeks, and include:
• closing all beverage rooms, entertainment facilities, casinos and bingo halls;
• lowering indoor and outdoor gathering sizes from 10 to five,
o the five-person limit does not apply to household members for private gatherings inside the home;
• reducing group/table sizes in restaurants and lounges from 10 to five and formally reducing capacity at these locations to 50 per cent;
• formally reducing capacity at retail businesses to 50 per cent, including lowering gathering sizes from 10 to five in food courts and common areas;
• reducing the number of spectators to 25 per cent of a site’s capacity for after-school activities and sporting events;
• formally reducing the capacity of museums, galleries and libraries to 50 per cent and requiring sites to collect contact information for all attendees; and
• requiring gyms and fitness centres to collect contact information for all attendees.

The current measures requiring mandatory mask use in indoor public places, reducing liquor service hours and noise restrictions at licensed facilities continue to be in force in the region.

In order to reduce community spread, residents in the Winnipeg Metropolitan Region are strongly encouraged to limit the number of people from each household who go shopping. Families with children in after-school or sporting activities are strongly encouraged to have only one parent attend events, games or practices. People going to gyms or fitness centres must wear a mask unless they are participating in physical activity.

These measures will be in effect for two weeks, and may be renewed with additional restrictions if these changes are unable to slow the community transmission currently seen in the Winnipeg Metropolitan Region.

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