Associate member XPromo/Xpressions Embroidery carries all varieties of face masks with most in stock in Winnipeg. They also have the gel hand sanitizer in stock with a generic label or they can be customized with the restaurant logos as well. Please see their Mask Brochure and Sanitizer Brochure for more details.

3 Ply Disposable Masks $79.95 per box of 50. They have these in stock now in their warehouse.
Minimum 1 box per order. Call for pricing of 20 boxes or more.

New Health Canada approved thermometers now in stock.

FDIR-V16 – Infrared Digital Thermometer  – Ear & Forehead Thermometer

Device ID number 825762 for Health Canada

The Non-Contact Thermometer features an infrared sensor, allowing temperatures to be measured with no skin contact required. Equipped with an LCD backlit screen with a clear easy to read display.

  • Choice of °C or °F
  • High reliability
  • High accuracy

When the temperature exceed the range, LCD will display the lo or Hi Prompt

  • Power saving function
  • Memory storage function
  • Backlight indication function

With the design of backlight indication function, it is easy  to identify the temperature in a dark environment.

  • Two-color LED indication function

In the forehead temperature measure mode:

If the body temperature within 89.6°F -99.5°F (32°C -37.5°C), Green LED light is lighting;

If the body temperature within 99.6°F -109.2°F (37.6°C -42.9°C), Red LED light is lighting;

  • Two-Color LED indication function
  • Flashlight Function


NEW! New Masks Now In Stock

Please see images below of new masks. They come individually packaged in retail packaging and are currently for sale for $8.99 for orders under 100 units and $8.49 for orders over 100 units. Minimum order is 12 units.